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Dry Brushing - To Perk You Up

Dry brushing the skin is an Ayurvedic practice that’s been around for centuries. Its benefits include:

  • Exfoliating the skin; dead skin cells will come off on your brush leaving your skin clear and vibrant.

  • Stimulating the lymphatic system, and aiding the body in releasing toxins. The course brush bristles stimulate and open the pores promoting sweat, which reduces the amount of toxins in the lymph system.

  • Increasing circulation and energy.

  • Helping break down cellulite.

Since this is a stimulating practice, do it in the morning rather than at night; and be sure to use a natural brush. You can do this daily unless your skin is dry, in which case, you can do it every few days.


  • Stand in the shower with the water off, so the dead skin cells fall into your shower and not on your bathroom floor.

  • Begin with the feet and vigorously brush the skin in circular motions.

  • Continue up the legs.

  • Move to the hands and arms and brush in a circular motion towards the armpit.

  • Brush up the back (that’s why I like a brush with a long handle), around the shoulders and neck.

  • Gentle circular motions on the abdomen.

  • Avoid any areas that have rashes, wounds, or infections.

Since you’re already standing in the shower, you can shower after dry brushing, and then apply moisturizer, if needed. Your skin will thank you!


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