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Concentrated liquid herbal extracts are prepared by adding plant material to a mason jar with a solvent, and leaving it to infuse for two to four weeks.  It is then strained and the liquid is re-bottled. Single extracts are fine for acute conditions; but if you have a long-term or chronic condition, then it's best to have a formula created for you to address your specific needs.  Contact me.

My tinctures are made with spring water and grain alcohol.  Glycerites are non-alcoholic tinctures, and are ideal for those who can't use alcohol-based extracts, including children.  Glycerites are made with vegetable glycerin and spring water.  An elixir is an herbal extract that is sweetened with honey.  Elixirs have a long history in herbal tradition – it was how people took their medicine back in the day.  The herb is infused in honey and alcohol for at least a month, then strained and bottled.  Elixirs can be taken alone, drizzled over fruit or other food, or added to a cup of tea. 

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