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About Healthy Living

To me, healthy living is not about following the latest fad diet, or a diet of deprivation; but rather of feeling great in my skin and aging gracefully.  It's about being comfortable with myself – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  So what does "healthy living" mean to you?  And, how are you feeling right now?  


If you have a chronic condition and would like a complementary approach to addressing your health concerns and/or want to find balance in your life, then try my Ayurveda Wellness Consultation Package.  

Do you practice yoga and/or meditation?  The benefits of yoga and meditation have been well documented and include increased flexibility and muscle strength.  But in addition to yoga’s physical benefits, it also aids your psychological and emotional health – meaning your stress levels.  Too much stress wreaks havoc on your entire body and is often one of the root causes of an auto-immune disease.  Yoga and meditation can help center you, so that you can de-stress and be present in your body and not let life rule you.  Try one of my yoga classes. 

Begin now to take care of your health.

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