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Calendula for Dry, Cracked Lips

Updated: 4 days ago

It’s the beginning of Autumn and my lips are already getting dry and cracked. If yours are too, then make this lip balm with healing Calendula and soothing Coconut Oil. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory herb, ideal for chapped, brittle, or cracked lips; and Coconut Oil inhibits skin moisture loss and makes the skin smooth. The Calendula is infused in Olive Oil, which hydrates and nourishes dry, cracked, or chapped lips.

I like making solar-infused oils; get instructions here. But another method that is much quicker is the stove-top method. Place dried calendula blossoms in a mason jar (about 1/2 way); and pour enough olive oil to cover the calendula blossoms by an inch. Screw the lid on the jar, but not tight. Place the jar of calendula and olive oil in a medium-sized pot that's filled 1/2 way with water. Next, heat on low for 4-6 hours (periodically check the water level to make sure that doesn't evaporate). Remove the jar from the double boiler and strain, through cheesecloth, into a clean jar.


  • 1/2 cup organic calendula infused olive oil

  • 2 tsps. Coconut Oil

  • ½ oz. grated Beeswax

  • ½ tsp. Vitamin E

  • Double boiler or a small pot inside a pot of water

  • 6 1-oz. tins or glass jars

  • Optional - essential oils of your choice


  • Follow my instructions on making an herbal infused oil.

  • Pour ½ cup of your infused Calendula Oil into the top of a double boiler. Add in the beeswax and coconut oil. Over low heat, allow the oils to melt.

  • When the oils are melted, take a teaspoon of the hot liquid and place in the freezer for two minutes. (Placing a bit of the liquid in the freezer for two minutes will give you an idea of the salve’s consistency when it solidifies.)

  • While the teaspoon is in the freezer, get your tins or jars ready by placing them on a hand towel on a flat surface. If using essential oils, add 5-10 drops of the oils to each tin or jar.

  • After two minutes, take the spoon out of the freezer and touch the salve. If you like the consistency, then you’re ready to move to the next step. However, if it’s too loose, then add a little more beeswax to the pot, melt it, and try again.

  • Pour the liquid into a warm measuring cup, and stir in the vitamin E. (I place a glass measuring cup into a pan of hot water to warm it up while the spoon is in the freezer.)

  • Quickly pour the liquid into your jars or tins before the liquid hardens.

  • When cool, place the caps on the jars or tins.

  • Create labels with the name of your salve such as “Calendula Lip Balm” and be sure to list the ingredients on the label as well. Place the labels on the jars or tins.

You now have a natural relief for your dry lips. If you don’t wish to make a lip balm, you can visit my shop to purchase my Calendula & Coconut Lip Balm.

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