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Amp Up Your Vitamin D

In addition to calcium, our bodies need vitamin D to build strong bones. Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium. It’s the only nutrient our bodies produce when exposed to sunlight. However, about half of the world’s population may not get enough sun; and in the United States, about 42% of the population is deficient in vitamin D. Me included! I take a daily vitamin D supplement and was told this year at my yearly physical that I’m still low in vitamin D.

Some of this is because we spend a lot of time indoors, wear sunblock outside (which I do) and don’t eat enough foods with vitamin D. Include salmon or other fatty fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, broccoli, squash, sweet potato, papaya, apricots, peaches, peppers, mango, avocado and vitamin D fortified foods. Amp up your intake of vitamin D foods for healthy bones.

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