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The Convenience of Grow Bags

I love grow bags! My bags have handles, so I can pick them up and move them around the garden, or I can bring them inside if the weather is going to be detrimental to the plants. For these reasons, grow bags are ideal for people with small yards. Other benefits include:

1) The development of healthy root systems. With pots, plant roots can become root-bound; however, with bags, when the roots reach the sides of the fabric bag, they sense the drier soil exposed to the air, and they know they’ve reached their growth limit. The roots become “air pruned”, which prevents overgrowth.

2) Since the bag is made of fabric, it’s breathable, so it’s good for temperature control.

3) If you happen to over-water, the excess water will drain out through the fabric.

4) They’re very easy to store at the end of the season. You just clean them out and fold them up.

Grow bags come in a variety of sizes, from 2-gallon to 10-gallon bags. There are larger ones, but you probably won't be able to move them once filled with soil and plants. So if you're limited in space, then try grow bags.

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