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Comfrey for Pain

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) has been used for centuries to reduce pain and to promote healing of injuries. Recent research has shown that the topical application of comfrey salves and creams are very effective herbal pain relievers. In fact, in a study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, they found that the topical applications of comfrey were effective at treating acute back pain. They found that pain intensity decreased by 95.2% in the comfrey group, vs. 37.8% in the placebo group. More importantly, the study found that comfrey was fact-acting and patients experienced relief in about an hour. Comfrey has also been found to be effective in treating osteoarthritis.

In addition to being a pain reliever, Comfrey is called "knit-bone" because it's used to help heal broken bones. It also protects the skin, promotes new skin cell growth, heals rashes, and counteracts dry and cracking skin. Comfrey contains "allantoin" which promotes cell growth immediately after being topically applied. It also contains "rosmarinic acid" which has strong anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to less swelling and to a quick recovery from bruises.

My Comfrey Salve is made from comfrey that I grow in my garden, and it is solar-infused in olive oil for one month. I also add the essential oils of Lavender and Blue Chamomile to help with the healing process. This salve is for external use only. To use, apply a small amount of comfrey salve to unbroken skin, and use for no longer than 10 days at a time.

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