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Air-drying Your Herbs

Are you growing herbs in your garden this summer? If so, be sure to dry some so you'll have herbs to use this winter. Store-bought herbs and spices that are sold in supper markets have really no taste. Home-dried herbs are much more flavorful and potent. All you need is twine and hooks.

  • To dry your herbs, cut them and tie them in a bundle from the stem with a bit of twine. Don't make the bundles too thick, so they can dry more evenly.

  • Hang them upside down in your home where its warm, dry, has good air circulation, and away from direct sunlight. You can hang them on hooks, or string a rope from one part of a wall to another to hang them.

  • It usually takes between 5-10 days to air-dry herbs.

  • When the herbs are dried, you can store them whole or crush them up lightly with a mortar and pestle. Store in a mason jar, and be sure to label the jar.

  • Keep jars away from sunlight, such as in your pantry.

Air-dried herbs should last between 6 and 12 months. Open the jar and sniff; if it still has a strong scent, you can use it. Mine usually last a year, so by then, I'm growing more herbs in the garden and can replace the old herbs with fresh air-dried herbs.

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