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Mineral-rich Red Clover

The first weed that pops up in the spring is the dandelion, which is an important food source for pollinators, such as bees. However, we're now seeing more flowering plants for bees, and Red Clover is one of them. I gather Red Clover blossoms here in the New Mexico mountains, and often I’m picking the blossoms right next to the bees. Of course, I only take what I need and leave the rest for them and other insects.

I gather these wonderful blossoms because the plant is rich in minerals such as calcium, nitrogen, and iron. Red Clover is used in antitumor formulas, as well as for breast and lymph health. It helps balance estrogen, so it may help with menopause. Red Clover also helps build the body’s resistance to allergies and is beneficial for skin conditions. It's an alterative (cleanses the blood and balances blood chemistry), expectorant (helps eliminate mucus from the lungs), and antispasmodic (reduces or inhibits muscle spasms or cramping).

You can find Red Clover in my Calcium-rich Tea and Poke Root Plus Oil. Visit my shop.

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